Selecting The Right Golf Tees

Serious golfers know that even the smallest adjustment can have a major effect. Alter your stance just a fraction of an inch and you could be sending that ball off into the trees rather than straight down the fairway.

The same applies to the equipment you use, even the lowly golf tees. But with so many different tees to select from, at so many price points, how can you choose? The truth is, while there may be no single “best tee” that suits everyone’s game, there are a few basic questions to think about before making your choice.

The first consideration is always safety. This may seem like a joke, but it’s not. Traditional wooden tees can break and splinter as you drive them into the ground. They can also shatter into jagged little pieces when hit. Nobody wants a day at the golf course to end up at the emergency room.

Price is another consideration. If you’re flush with cash and looking to make a statement, you could do worse than a luxury branded sterling silver golf tee. Additionally, you can expect to pay a premium for the latest advances in golf tee technology. However, with a box of fifty regular tees selling for just a few dollars, you have to weigh up that cost-benefit calculation for yourself.

Something a lot of golfers forget until they’re out on the course, is that we expect our tees to be multi-use. You should be able to use your tees to fix up any ball marks you’ve made on the green, for example, and also to pick the soil out from the grooves of your irons. Traditionally-designed golf tees work well for these purposes; some of the more modern designs don’t.

Finally, some golfers swear by so-called “low-drag” tees, designed to minimize the resistance of tee against the club, so that more of the force of your swing will be translated where you want it: the ball. There are a variety of low-drag tees on the market these days, and it does appear that some can add a few yards to your drive. However, they can also be a bit more difficult to use. As they’re generally lighter weight, it can be difficult to place low-drag golf tees into hard ground. Additionally, it can be a real pain balancing your ball on top of that sleek, narrow design.

In the end, the best advice is probably to experiment with a few different golf tees and find the variety that best matches your personal game.